This is Urban Bundles

Urban Bundles works solely with retailers and is the only company that offers a complete out-sourced branded delivery service in the market.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a delivery service that takes more than a day is just no longer good enough. As a result, Urban Bundles are conducting a bespoke first class delivery service for go-getters whose fast-paced lives won’t accept anything but instant.


For retailers this means that they can offer a delivery service that looks like it comes from completely in-house, a ‘branded, customised delivery service,’ delivering online orders in a few hours in a sleek liveried vehicle of choice direct to the customer’s door, complete with debonair, stylishly-dressed drivers who seek to embody your brand.


Software is seamlessly integrated with businesses’ sales systems, allowing Urban Bundles to manage all deliveries with no extra effort to anybody else. Which means the normally run-of-the-mill delivery end of online shopping becomes an altogether more memorable experience.