Our Bundles


This bundle offers you a ‘branded, customised delivery service’. Your deliveries in London are made in fully liveried vehicles of your choice. And we recruit drivers who will faultlessly and stylishly represent your brand in a uniform that looks the part. Our software seamlessly integrates with your sales systems: by phone, in-store and online. This allows us to manage all the deliveries, as if we were you.


Urban Bundles has a wealth of knowledge on the ‘last mile’ of delivery, from vintage vehicles through to electric bikes or modern alternatives we know how to add that wow factor into fulfilling an incredible delivery experience.  Urban Bundles has an extensive network of suppliers and contacts in this area which enable retailers to offer branded and customised logistics solutions.  Our consultancy fee includes a face to face meeting to establish a clear brief, allowing us to carry out the required research and advise you on your options. Our reports provide you with all the information and data you need for your stakeholders to make informed decisions about your delivery fulfilment.  If you subsequently decide to outsource to us then we will be happy to help you develop your service offering.



As long as it’s on wheels and we can brand it, we can do it!  We speak to lots of retailers who just want to do something that grabs attention around a particular calendar date, event or campaign. Whether it is Christmas, Valentines Day, London Fashion Week, a new product launch, a new store opening, the list is endless. We can help you come up with quirky, eye-catching solutions, sourcing the right vehicles and ideas for your campaign.




How we add value

We create a seamless luxury experience from web to home.
parallax We ensure that the first physical customer touch-point of your brand does not disappoint.
responsive We stimulate customer advocacy, loyalty and repeat purchase.
responsive We increase visibility of your brand at point of delivery and make it stand out.
responsive We make sure the last mile created has the same impact as the first.