Our Story

It was a friend’s birthday present that arrived 3 days late, in a box that looked like it had been used to score a try by the England Rugby Team, that sparked a conversation from which Urban Bundles was born. There had to be a better way of getting our goods quickly that benefited the retailer and the customer.


Our research confirmed that an effective same day service struck a chord with many people in this fast paced city. Three to five working days is no longer good enough, even 24 hours is too late. We want to receive our goodies in just a few hours.


Online shopping is on the increase and a lot of effort is made to ensure the digital customer experience is enjoyable and engaging. But, we found that most retailers do not allocate enough time or resource to the ‘last mile’. The final customer contact is often out of the retailers & businesses hands, often delivered in a bland black plastic bag by a rushed courier with no understanding of the retailers’ brand. If retailers own the last mile, they can offer their customers a truly unique branded delivery experience.