121 May 2015


Overview: This London based management role is fundamental to the smooth day-to-day running of the company. The role is broad in its scope and will involve client and supplier liaison, managing drivers and their schedules, shift and route planning, delivery software administration, overseeing vehicle maintenance and responsibility for all operational logistics on a daily basis. You will be the principal point of contact for, and regularly interface with drivers, our clients and our third party

HW20 Jan 2015

Sasha Ternent examines innovation in e-commerce for 2015

Innovation in E-commerce for 2015 Just the same as the great rush to China, brands now see the Internet and technology as the new frontier. Amidst slowing growth in the East and rapid acceleration of global online apparel sales many luxury and fashion brands are hoping this is where they will see their revenue growth. We hear glory stories on an almost daily basis of fashion newcomers seeing phenomenal success online and startups raising unheard

16 Jan 2015

Viewpoint – Logistics Escaping its Volume Trap

 Logistics escaping its volume trap Logistics is so much about volumes – as City Link knows all too well. Yet many firms will try to suggest otherwise and attempt to put forward the argument that they are adding a whole lot more value to the equation. Some to their credit are doing innovative things, but many sadly are not. The majority of retailers undoubtedly still see logistics as boiling down to paying specialist firms the