Car25 Sep 2014

RETAIL GAZETTE “Retailers need to rethink their delivery options”

Retailers need to rethink their delivery options A recent YouGov survey commissioned by the law firm Thomas Eggar LLP, looked at consumer views on retail deliveries. The findings suggest that retailers’ brand images are intrinsically linked to their logistics fulfilment. Businesses should be aware that a substantial amount of 2063 surveyed adults across the UK said they would associate a bad delivery experience with the retailer rather than the courier or logistics provider. A small

Bike17 Sep 2014

RETAIL TIMES “New delivery business, Urban Bundles, aims to offer premium alternative to hasty couriers”

New delivery business, Urban Bundles, aims to offer premium alternative to hasty couriers Two university pals have launched a new business to combat careless couriers, and have secured a string of high-profile clients. Kate Kennedy and Lucy Major, who met whilst studying at Newcastle University, were frustrated by the goods they bought online arriving in tattered boxes by harried couriers eager to get to their next drop-off. A friend’s birthday present that arrived three days late,