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Urban Bundles works solely with retailers and is the only company that offers a complete out-sourced branded delivery service in the market.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a delivery service that takes more than a day is just no longer good enough. As a result, Urban Bundles are conducting a bespoke first class delivery service for go-getters whose fast-paced lives won’t accept anything but instant.


For retailers this means that they can offer a delivery service that looks like it comes from completely in-house, a ‘branded, customised delivery service,’ delivering online orders in a few hours in a sleek liveried vehicle of choice direct to the customer’s door, complete with debonair, stylishly-dressed drivers who seek to embody your brand.


Software is seamlessly integrated with businesses’ sales systems, allowing Urban Bundles to manage all deliveries with no extra effort to anybody else. Which means the normally run-of-the-mill delivery end of online shopping becomes an altogether more memorable experience.



Our Story

It was a friend’s birthday present that arrived 3 days late, in a box that looked like it had been used to score a try by the England Rugby Team, that sparked a conversation from which Urban Bundles was born. There had to be a better way of getting our goods quickly that benefited the retailer and the customer.


Our research confirmed that an effective same day service struck a chord with many people in this fast paced city. Three to five working days is no longer good enough, even 24 hours is too late. We want to receive our goodies in just a few hours.


Online shopping is on the increase and a lot of effort is made to ensure the digital customer experience is enjoyable and engaging. But, we found that most retailers do not allocate enough time or resource to the ‘last mile’. The final customer contact is often out of the retailers & businesses hands, often delivered in a bland black plastic bag by a rushed courier with no understanding of the retailers’ brand. If retailers own the last mile, they can offer their customers a truly unique branded delivery experience.

Our Bundles


This bundle offers you a ‘branded, customised delivery service’. Your deliveries in London are made in fully liveried vehicles of your choice. And we recruit drivers who will faultlessly and stylishly represent your brand in a uniform that looks the part. Our software seamlessly integrates with your sales systems: by phone, in-store and online. This allows us to manage all the deliveries, as if we were you.


Urban Bundles has a wealth of knowledge on the ‘last mile’ of delivery, from vintage vehicles through to electric bikes or modern alternatives we know how to add that wow factor into fulfilling an incredible delivery experience.  Urban Bundles has an extensive network of suppliers and contacts in this area which enable retailers to offer branded and customised logistics solutions.  Our consultancy fee includes a face to face meeting to establish a clear brief, allowing us to carry out the required research and advise you on your options. Our reports provide you with all the information and data you need for your stakeholders to make informed decisions about your delivery fulfilment.  If you subsequently decide to outsource to us then we will be happy to help you develop your service offering.



As long as it’s on wheels and we can brand it, we can do it!  We speak to lots of retailers who just want to do something that grabs attention around a particular calendar date, event or campaign. Whether it is Christmas, Valentines Day, London Fashion Week, a new product launch, a new store opening, the list is endless. We can help you come up with quirky, eye-catching solutions, sourcing the right vehicles and ideas for your campaign.




How we add value

We create a seamless luxury experience from web to home.
parallax We ensure that the first physical customer touch-point of your brand does not disappoint.
responsive We stimulate customer advocacy, loyalty and repeat purchase.
responsive We increase visibility of your brand at point of delivery and make it stand out.
responsive We make sure the last mile created has the same impact as the first.

As Seen In…

  • “…the most tremendous delivery service you’ll see this year…”



Latest News

21 May 2015


Overview: This London based management role is fundamental to the smooth day-to-day running of the company. The role is broad in its scope and will involve client and supplier liaison, managing drivers and their schedules, shift and route planning, delivery software administration, overseeing vehicle maintenance and responsibility for all operational logistics on a daily basis. You will be the principal point of contact for, and regularly interface with drivers, our clients and our third party

24 Mar 2015

RETAIL WEEK: Fashion retailing in an omnichannel world

  URBAN BUNDLES: More flexibility in delivery enhances shoppers’

20 Jan 2015

Sasha Ternent examines innovation in e-commerce for 2015

Innovation in E-commerce for 2015 Just the same as the great rush to China, brands now see the Internet and technology as the new frontier. Amidst slowing growth in the East and rapid acceleration of global online apparel sales many luxury and fashion brands are hoping this is where they will see their revenue growth. We hear glory stories on an almost daily basis of fashion newcomers seeing phenomenal success online and startups raising unheard

6 Jan 2015

Viewpoint – Logistics Escaping its Volume Trap

 Logistics escaping its volume trap Logistics is so much about volumes – as City Link knows all too well. Yet many firms will try to suggest otherwise and attempt to put forward the argument that they are adding a whole lot more value to the equation. Some to their credit are doing innovative things, but many sadly are not. The majority of retailers undoubtedly still see logistics as boiling down to paying specialist firms the

1 Dec 2014
13 Nov 2014

SMARTA Awards…Winner!

We made it to the top 100 businesses of 2014....and got short listed for the Micro Business of the Year. To give you a bit more information.... The O2 Smarta 100 is an annual celebration of the most resourceful, inspiring and disruptive small businesses in the UK. The O2 Smarta 100 seeks to find the best businesses in the UK. They are not just looking for those who make the most money, but the businesses that

14 Oct 2014

Essential Retail “Urban Bundles aims to smarten up delivery for retailers”

A new service called Urban Bundles is looking to grow its retail client list by offering a more luxurious approach to online delivery. Recently launched London-based logistics business Urban Bundles says it has been attracting retail customers with a bespoke software offering and a range of innovative services that can be used in the online delivery process. The organisation, which was launched in 2013 by university friends Kate Kennedy and Lucy Major, aims to add

25 Sep 2014

RETAIL GAZETTE “Retailers need to rethink their delivery options”

Retailers need to rethink their delivery options A recent YouGov survey commissioned by the law firm Thomas Eggar LLP, looked at consumer views on retail deliveries. The findings suggest that retailers’ brand images are intrinsically linked to their logistics fulfilment. Businesses should be aware that a substantial amount of 2063 surveyed adults across the UK said they would associate a bad delivery experience with the retailer rather than the courier or logistics provider. A small

17 Sep 2014

RETAIL TIMES “New delivery business, Urban Bundles, aims to offer premium alternative to hasty couriers”

New delivery business, Urban Bundles, aims to offer premium alternative to hasty couriers Two university pals have launched a new business to combat careless couriers, and have secured a string of high-profile clients. Kate Kennedy and Lucy Major, who met whilst studying at Newcastle University, were frustrated by the goods they bought online arriving in tattered boxes by harried couriers eager to get to their next drop-off. A friend’s birthday present that arrived three days late,

11 Jul 2014


Here's a sneaky preview photo from our recent photo shoot.  It should give you can idea of the calibre of drivers we have! Our branded delivery service is for retailers and businesses that want to offer their local customers smart, branded and super fast deliveries.  #deliverdifferent

13 Jun 2014


Great event last week promoting MR PORTER's free same day delivery! MR PORTER POST, coffee and pastries everywhere!!   CANARY WHARF: 100,000 daily commuters, 1,200 coffees served, 1,000 pastries eaten, 5,000+ copies of MR PORTER POST handed out, 1 fully branded pop up cafe, 1 very happy






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